Time to Tie Flies!

Just a few thoughts on the current Covid- 19 situation we are all in at the moment. It is affecting all of us, no-one is exempt.

Nathan Johnston took over Guided Fishing DownUnder at the end of last year, but I will continue working with him. We had quite a few charters booked for this year, but they have all been postponed or cancelled – most from interstate or overseas, in fact Nathan has closed the guiding service for the foreseeable future… so we have been heavily impacted…

It’s up to all of us to do our bit, stay at home and try to “Flatten the Curve”. And as responsible anglers that means cancel all non-essential travel. Many people still don’t seem to have come to grips with social distancing, I think the pollies have made it pretty clear! And so those who don’t seem to understand, this is my take on it:
Distancing will help reduce the spike of infections that we have all seen overseas, endangering everyone including doctors and nurses lives. These people could be trying to save your life in the future.
Do everyone a favour and stay at home as much as possible! Use a bit of common sense, if it isn’t imperative, don’t go!

My boat hasn’t been in the water for the last couple of months, I’ve been staying at home, lots of time to tie flies ready for when I can get back out on the water!