On The Road!

Well this year is certainly one none of us expected! After having waited out the Covid lockdown in Toowoomba, our timing turned out to be perfect with Queensland opening up travel within the state just as our camper was completed and we were ready to hit the road!

Ready to go: truck, camper and boat.

We couldn’t be happier with our Aussie Road Runner camper; it’s comfortable, practical, well designed and well built. We have plenty of room inside, even with the fur kids hogging floor space!

Plenty of room inside, including floor space for the dogs.

Two Dog Night!









The slide out dining area makes all the difference, giving us a big open area inside.

The Slide Out gives us so much extra room inside.

And we have everything from a decent sized fridge/freezer, awesome bathroom with shower and composting toilet, a washing machine, oven, microwave, diesel heater, and hot water. Everything we need to be self sufficient and comfortable.

Bathroom with composting toilet.

Full size shower.













Storage is not a problem in this camper, every bit of space is utilised, and we have plenty of cupboard/storage space in the camper itself, all we need to be honest. Under the camper is a huge storage are, some of it is used for necessities like water storage, our pull out BBQ, etc, but the majority of it is available to store everything else. You really can live on the road with everything you need, and without sacrificing comfort and practicality. This camper has been thought out very carefully and very cleverly!

Our tiny home off the truck and free standing.


At the heart of any camper is the power to run it all. We have a truly amazing set up –  3 x 100 amp hour Lithium batteries supplied by Revolution Power Solutions,  that are charged from our solar panels on the roof, and through the alternator when the truck is running. The Redarc system is brilliant and very easy to see how everything is functioning and running, and to turn lights, pumps etc on and off. 

We’ve been on the road about a month now. We’ve had the camper on and off the truck a few times now, and its much easier to load than the previous smaller camper we had on an Isuzu ute.

Check out the video:

Unloading is easy! 

This  year we’re not doing any big laps, we’re going to be staying mainly in the Whitsunday area, with some side trips the Mackay and Rockhampton regions, as John is still doing some guiding, concentrating on fly fishing the flats.

Nice Goldie John!

Launching is easy with the truck.

Covid border lockdowns have had a big impact on Johns guiding, with overseas guests cancelling, and interstate guests having to postpone. With the Queensland border now open again, we have quite a few guests booked in for September and October. But as I write parts of Victoria are in lockdown due to Covid outbreaks, and the Queensland border is closed to them and hotspots in NSW. How this will impact things over the next month or so is anyones guess!

But in the between time, John and I are enjoying having a bit of time to relax and enjoy our tiny home! We’re not missing keeping a large house and garden tidy and maintained. We now have a lot of time (between fishing) to de-stress and unwind, something we have not had for a very long time. 

Lots of time to relax with the dogs.

The dogs are with us 24/7 nowadays, as we can’t leave them alone for long periods in the camper. I think they’re enjoying it though, both becoming great sea dogs as they now have to come fishing with us… I think they’re just happy being with us! Gus the Labrador has become very good at getting up his ramp to get into the truck, or the camper if it’s on the truck, even using it to get him into the boat at times. Skeeta  the Schnauzer uses it too, but he’s small enough to be lifted in and out of everything.

Gus has no problems using the ramp.

So keep an eye out for us, come and say hi if we’re in your area, and if you’re keen to have a fish with John give us a ring 0418187618, or drop us a line:

If you’d like more information on our setup, here are some links:

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We’ve had quite a few modifications done on the truck by All Terrain Warriors, find out more about them and the services they provide on their website: