A big truck with good carrying capacity was needed, and the Isuzu was chosen

For their travels around OZ, John and Peta have opted for a slide on camper, loaded onto an Isuzu NPS 75/45-155 4×4 AMT Crewcab. As they will be towing their Sportman Island Bay 18 boat with them, that cuts out caravans as an option.

Motorhomes are not practical for them, as they will be setting up camp for stretches of time, and don’t want to break camp every time they needed to use the truck.

So a slide on was the best option for them, and they have ordered an Aussie Road Runner built to their specs. It is fully self contained, with shower, toilet, washing machine, oven and all the mod cons! We’ll be following the progress of the build on the camper, so keep an eye on the Facebook page to stay up to date. (link:


This type of camper is heavy, and having been down the small slide-on option, loaded on the back of a ute, they did not want the weight restrictions associated with this style of camper – living in it full time does require a bit more gear after all…

So a big truck with good carrying capacity was needed, and the Isuzu was chosen. It has had long range fuel tanks added, and an extra water tank so they can re-fill the camper from the truck.

The truck also needed to have good off road capabitlies which is why the 4×4 version was chosen. This model is also an automatic, so that makes driving long stretches less tiring.

One of the biggest considerations for this whole set up was indeed, how they would power it to be completely self-sufficient…

Find out more about the power solutions here:

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